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2011 Poster Contest Winners

2011 CASAC Grand Prize: $100

Justin White, 11th Grade, Clymer Central School

Photo: Justin White with poster

First Place: $50

Category A - Lauren Nelson, 5th Grade, Bemus Point Elementary School

Category B - Marquis McBride, 8th Grade, Jefferson Middle School

Category C - Kaylyn Zemcik, 12th Grade, Sherman Central School

Second Place: $25

Category A - Henry Malarkey, 5th Grade, Jefferson Middle School

Category B - Olivia Sposato, 6th Grade, Jackson Elementary

Category C - Ashley Szalkowski, 12th Grade, Fredonia High School

Third Place: $20

Category A - Destiny Cabrera, 4th Grade, Dunkirk #7 Elementary School

Category B - Emily Rich, 6th Grade, Jefferson Middle School

Category C - Whitney Kleckner, 11th Grade, Sherman Central School

Honorary Mention: Gift Certificate to a Local Bookstore

Category A - Madelyn Nelson, 5th Grade, Southwestern Elementary School

Category B - Kira Wilcox, 8th Grade, Falconer Central School

Photo: 10 winners

Congratulations to everyone!

Marking the 10th year of the contest, the winners of the 2011 CASAC Alcohol Awareness Month Poster Contest were announced at an award ceremony on April 5, 2011 at the James Prendergast Library, Jamestown, NY. The theme, “Live above the influence! Think for yourself!” was depicted in over 400 entries to the contest with 12 finalists selected to compete in the final judging. The poster contest’s goal is to deliver a positive no-use message to local youth regarding the dangers of alcohol and other drugs. The contest provides local youth with an opportunity to turn peer pressure around with a positive message expressed through art. Too often peer pressure lures students into making dangerous decisions, like experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. This contest encourages youth to not be influenced by negative peer pressure and to help make a difference by designing a poster with a positive message that may influence others to make the right choices and stay alcohol free.

With support from the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, 27,000 bookmarks were printed and were distributed in January to all county schools, libraries and youth organizations. Featuring the 12 finalist’s posters from the 2010 contest, the bookmarks distributed in January served as an announcement of the 2011 contest. With continued support from the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and a new contest sponsor, Cummins, Inc.—Jamestown Engine Plant, the 12 finalists of the 2011 contest will be featured on bookmarks to announce the 2012 contest next January.

2011 Poster Gallery

Photo: posters on display

Photo: posters on display

Photo: posters on display

Photo: posters on display