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Volunteers Needed for YOU(th) Decide Underage Gambling Project

CASAC is looking for youth volunteers to help bring awareness about Underage Gambling in our community.

What is YOU(th) Decide?

Logo: YOU(th) Decide NYYOU(th) Decide NY was developed to empower teenaged youth (like you) to learn about the dangers of underage gambling and to share that knowledge with their peers, parents and communities.

Am I eligible to volunteer for YOU(th) Decide?

  • Do you live in New York State?
  • Are you between the ages of 12 and 17?

Good news! You can volunteer!

Why should I volunteer with YOU(th) Decide?

  • Receive volunteer hours for your classes/honor society
  • Build your college application
  • Gain experience in advocacy and policy work
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Educate your peers
  • Make a difference in your community

What will I be required to do as a volunteer?

As a YOU(th) Decide volunteer you will be asked to:

  • Learn about underage gambling and how it can have negative consequences for youth (don’t worry, we’ll help you with this part!)
  • Ask a parent, guardian, or other adult in your life to be on your team
  • Meet with a community leader (coach, faith leader, director of the youth center, you name it...) to educate them about underage gambling
  • Ask him/her to sign a resolution of support for underage gambling prevention and/or a gambling-free event policy

How can I sign up to be a volunteer?

  1. Fill out the Volunteer Form
  2. Talk to your parent or guardian
  3. Contact us! 716-366-4623

Past Year Gambling Among United States Youth Ages 14–21

Chart: Sources & Locations of Alcohol Use

68% of American youth between the ages of 14 and 21 have gambled in the last year. Of those youth, 6.5% are at risk for or have already developed a gambling problem. Source: Welte, 2007

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